Tiny one

The Tiny one is characterized by its curved couch and large terrace

Tiny one

The Tiny one series is characterized by its curved couch and large terrace

N001 Tiny one Studio floorplan

The One 01 is the smallest Tiny Float in the One series. Within the compact size of the One 01 it houses all comfort you need. Because of the compact size, One 01 covers a small plot in the area.

By the use of Polyurea and glass, One 01 has an industrial look at the outside. The outer shell also covers the terrace and optional boat dock or extended terrace. This shell makes all elements come together.

The One 01 is located low on the water, what creates  a better connection with the water. The open design of the One 01 makes it possible to view the environment also from the inside of the house. To improve this view from the inside, almost the full front facade is made out of glass, which can be opened for 35%.

The One 01 houses a small kitchen, a bathroom, a king size bed and a living area.

The bathroom is located in the corner of the One 01, in front of which the kitchen is located. The other side of the One 01 can be marked as sleeping area.

Between the bathroom and sleeping area is space for a small living and optional kitchen.

In front of the house you can find a large terrace.

Next to the front terrace, there is an extra side terrace, or optional, a boathouse for a small boat.


Terrace - Tiny One - Tiny Floats
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Tiny Float - small floating home - Andijk
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Tiny Floats - Tiny one