For now, there are several series of Tiny Floats, the Tiny one, Tiny two, Tiny three, Tiny four and Tiny five. These Tiny Floats can be extended by different elements, think of extra terraces, an outside kitchen, solar panels, another outside color, etcetera. The Tiny Floats vary from an inside space of 14sqm to 40sqm. Where two to six people can stay overnight, therefore, Tiny Floats are suitable for lots of different groups of people.

You can live continuously in a Tiny Float, or you can use it as a vacation house. Specialy the Tiny one series are very suitable as a vacation house. His compact design provides in a small footprint, but the efficient design and the compact use of the space, the living comfort in the Tiny one series is perfect.

The exclusive experience of staying on water is amplified by the integrated terrace in front of the Tiny Floats.

This, low above the water, terrace makes the connection between the water and the inside of the Tiny Float and gives the “outside living” experience a better expression.

 Click on the logos below to get more information about the different Tiny Floats

The Tiny one 

The Tiny two

The Tiny three

The Tiny five