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Tiny Floats in a marina

Tiny Floats offer an opportunity for many marinas. Tiny Floats offer an easy solution to increase the occupancy rate in your marina. Placing a Tiny Float in your marina increases the amount of rentable spaces and therefore gives you an increase in the amount of revenue you can make. Tiny Floats offer your visitors a unique experience during their stay. As one of our many happy visitors of the Tiny Float in Andijk (near Amsterdam) said: “You book an overnight stay and get an experience in return”.

Our Tiny Floats come in a couple different designs and models, so there is a Tiny Float suited for every type and size marina. Only a power supply, water and sewage station are needed to facilitate a Tiny Float. If there is no sewage facility available in your marina, our Tiny Floats have the possibility to be fitted with a sewage tank.

Give us a call if you’re interested in giving your marina an extra dimension for your visitors. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Tiny Floats as a hotel or B&B

There also is the special “hotel room” series of the Tiny Floats. These models all feature a bathroom, bedroom and (optional) a small pantry.
Of course, it’s also entirely possible to use one of the other models as hotel room, B&B or family room. Our Tiny Floats are designed to be easily adjustable and customised to your needs, so there always is a perfect Tiny for you!

So, if you have access to a body of water like a marina, lake or riverbank and are looking for an easy and affordable option to increase the amount of rentable spaces of your hotel or B&B, Tiny Floats is right for you.


Holiday parks

Most holiday parks or campsites have access to body of water like a lake or riverbank. And most of the time these are used as swimming facility. But next to swimming these areas remain mostly empty and unused. Tiny Floats provides your park or campsite the unique option to create extra accommodations on the water for your guests and give them a stay they will remember.

Marinas as a Tiny Village

We are constantly looking for marinas that want to become part of our "Tiny Village" A widely spread network with marinas where Tiny Floats lie or can be moored. By placing small quantities of Tiny Floats in several ports, this creates a network that makes it possible to make “The Tiny Tour”.

We invite marinas that want to become part of our "Tiny Village" to contact us. The following elements are often interesting for these marinas:

- Long-term berth rental

- International advertising for the marina and its surroundings

- Attractive fee per booking for key transfer and final cleaning.

- Possibility to make the rental entirely under own management

- Extra turnover on existing marina facilities (including restaurant, shops and service department)