Dieuwe Wierema – Tiny Floats | Small Floating Homes

Dieuwe Wierema


My name is Dieuwe Wierema, born and living in Delft, The Netherlands.

Since the beginning of January 2016 I am the proud owner of Tiny Floats.

Since my youth I am interested in housing and Urban Design. Playing with Lego and my miniature trains, I build lots of cities during my youth. Logically I started the study Urban Design after finishing my secondary school. This study become to be the start of Tiny Floats.

During the internships I followed during my study I came in contact with floating architecture as well as urban planning on water. Small floating houses, floating islands, complete cities. For myself the question raised how I would be able to combine the architecture and urban design to one small new company for small structures, attainable for everyone in the society.

During the rest of my study I continued with floating architecture and water related urban design and after I graduated I started Tiny Floats, small predesigned houses which can be purchased by everyone.